Best Places to Visit in Barrow, Alaska

When planning your next vacation in Barrow, Alaska, there are a variety of things to do. You may want to see the Northern Lights, visit the Inupiat Heritage Center, take in the Polar bears, or see a museum. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time.

Aurora borealis

Aurora borealis is one of the most spectacular displays of the northern lights on Earth. This luminous display can be viewed year round in Alaska. There are many scenic locations and exhilarating tours that can help you witness the phenomenon. And you can stay in top-notch hotels near the park to enjoy the best possible experience.

If you’re a true Aurora chaser, make sure your trip coincides with the best solar activity period. The best time to watch the northern lights is between August and May. During these months, temperatures in Alaska are usually in the 60s and low 70s, which makes it easy to spot the aurora.

The northernmost town in Alaska, Utqiagvik, is also an excellent place to watch the aurora. Previously known as Barrow, Utqiagvik is located above the Arctic Circle. The town is home to the indigenous Inupiaq tribe and is also home to the Inupiaq Heritage Center, which has artifacts and a museum. There are also Aurora viewing tours available in the town of Utqiagvik.

While the best time to visit Alaska is during the winter months, it is possible to observe the northern lights year round in this state. During winter, the nights get longer as the winter solstice approaches. Moreover, travel to Alaska is easy if you live in the lower 48. You can fly directly to Anchorage from any major U.S. hub and you don’t need a passport to enter the state.

Alaska is the best place to view the aurora borealis. It is possible to see these colorful lights throughout the year. However, you must be prepared for the cold temperatures and icy nights. A clear sky will also make it more likely to see the aurora borealis. Fairbanks is the best place to watch the aurora borealis.

Inupiat Heritage Center

The Iupiat Heritage Center is a museum in Utqiavik, Alaska, that honors the contributions of the Alaska Native whaling community. It is affiliated with the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. Founded in 2003, the center is an excellent place to learn about the history of the whaling industry and the Inuit people.

Barrow is known for its rich history and Inupiat culture, and you can learn all about it at the Inupiat Heritage Center. You can see artifacts from Barrow’s whaling history, and you can also practice dogsledding and other traditional arctic sports. You may even get to learn about the culture of the local Inupiat people, which have inhabited the area for thousands of years.

The Inupiat Heritage Center is one of Barrow’s top attractions. It features tons of exhibitions about the local Inupiat people and has a residence program where you can learn how to make traditional crafts. Point Barrow is the northernmost point of the U.S. territory, and you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery from up close.

The Inupiat Heritage Center is the northernmost unit of the National Park System and is a fascinating place to learn about the Inupiaq people. The center is open from 8:30am to 5pm on Monday through Friday. It is free to visit for seniors and costs $7 for the dance program.

For accommodations, you can stay in one of the cozy Scandinavian-style buildings near the Inupiat Heritage Center. These accommodations feature free internet, flat-screen televisions, desks, and sitting areas. Some rooms also feature iPod docks.


If you are looking for something to do in Barrow, Alaska, then you should visit the Museum in Barrow. The Museum has a number of exhibits about the history of Alaska and its people. The collection includes objects donated by the pioneers of the region. The items are meant to represent the lives and struggles of the early pioneers. Many of them came from different parts of the world and sought out the riches of this land.

Before moving to Barrow, Joe Shults worked as a water truck driver in Utqiagvik, Alaska. While much of the town has piped water, remote sections still rely on trucks to transport water. He also worked for a business in Barrow before the city had pipes. While working at his family’s business in Barrow, he noticed a number of Inupiaq artifacts that were left behind by the settlers. Joe Shults eventually began buying and bartering for them. He later built a museum in his apartment.

During the summer, you may be able to spot polar bears in Barrow. These majestic creatures are usually close to the city’s center, but they are dangerous when they feel threatened, so you should take extreme precautions to avoid them. If you want to see them up close, you should consider taking an all-terrain vehicle with a guide. The visitor center will be able to arrange tours for you.

While many of the items in the archives are public domain, there are some items that have copyrights. Users must follow copyright laws to access items. For example, some files related to the Barrow Housing Survey from 1969 were marked restricted in previous finding aids. In addition, some of the materials are restricted by their owner, and should not be used without the permission of the author.

Polar bears

Alaska’s Arctic coastline is one of the best places to visit to see polar bears. You can fly over some of the most pristine areas on an Alaskan flight tour. You’ll also get a chance to view the spectacular Northern Lights, known as the Aurora Borealis.

Visit Alaska in the summer or fall when polar bears are more active. In the summer, polar bears can be seen on the sea ice, hunting for ring seals. Visiting in March or April is less likely because temperatures will drop to -4degF. In late summer and fall, you’ll be able to see the polar bears nursing their cubs, playing fights, and intimidating other bears.

To see these beautiful animals, go to the Alaska Zoo. The zoo has one female polar bear, and its polar bear cam can give you a real-time view. The zoo also has a polar bear habitat. Seeing these bears up close is a unique Alaskan experience that will last a lifetime.

Another great way to see polar bears is by booking a cruise. Many cruises will circumnavigate Spitsbergen, and you can often spot polar bears from these boats. These trips are not specifically polar bear tours, but they’re great ways to see polar bears up close and personal.

While it’s not mandatory to take a polar bear tour in Alaska, it is advisable to book a tour with an established tour company. These companies will have an advantage over others since they know exactly where to look to see polar bears. Additionally, they use special vehicles that won’t disturb the polar bears while keeping travelers safe.

Denali National Park

Barrow, Alaska, also known as Utqiagvik, is located on the banks of the Arctic Ocean and is a hub for all sorts of adventures. It is also home to one of the largest settlements of Eskimos in the United States. Its location is unique and it has a long history of whale watching. In fact, the city is located so far north that it gets twenty-four hours of sunlight in the summer months. While it is not the sunniest place in the world, it is still home to many Barrow residents who still go hunting and gathering. Barrow is also a perfect place to enjoy the Artic Ocean as there are many whale watching trips available in the area.

One of the most iconic places to visit in Barrow, Alaska is the Denali National Park. The park is 6 million acres and features North America’s highest mountain, Mt. McKinley. The park is home to diverse ecosystems and abundant wildlife. The park is closed to unapproved vehicles and buses.

The park is a perfect place to take photos. A trip to the park in the late summer will give you great opportunities to see migratory birds and hardy residents. Since the park is so huge, it is important to bring plenty of sunscreen, hats, and plenty of other necessary items for the weather. You can also ask for help if you need it.

A great way to see the park is to take a guided tour. Many outfitter companies offer tours of the park, which allow tourists to experience the park from a first-hand perspective. Some of the best tours go into the backcountry so that you get an up-close view of the park and its wildlife.

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