Best Places to Visit in Corsica

Corsica is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is home to beautiful cities and towns. In this article, I will discuss some of the best places to visit in Corsica. For instance, in addition to the main city of Corte, you should visit the beautiful towns of Sant’Antonino and Bonifacio. Also, you can explore the Valdo-Niello Forest and the town of Sartene.


Sant’Antonino is a commune in the Haute-Corse department of France, located on the island of Corsica. It is listed as one of France’s Les Plus Beaux Villages. The city is a popular tourist destination and has many things to offer tourists.

This hilltop village is one of the oldest in Corsica and dates back to the 9th century. Its large car park makes parking in the village relatively easy. Next to the car park, you’ll find the Church of the Annonciation, which dates back to the eleventh century and has a bell tower. Inside, you’ll find four paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, and there’s also a chapel in the back called the Chapel de Confrerie.

If you want to get out of the hamlet, you can also visit the Cathedrale de Saint-Jean-Baptiste, which exemplifies Corsican Baroque architecture. The interior of the cathedral has some notable pieces of art, including a 15th-century altarpiece of the Annunciation. A 16th-century statue of the Virgin of the Rosary can also be found here. Throughout the town, you’ll find picturesque streets and a charming harbor.

The town’s historical architecture is impressive. The village’s quaint, narrow streets and cobbled staircases are lined with ancient homes. Its square contains an ancient bread oven and a wine press. In addition, two small chapels are located in the village and date back to the 11th century.


The medieval city of Bonifacio is considered one of the most beautiful in all of Corsica. It has forty classified sites and many activities for tourists. This area is also known for its beautiful topography. It is a wonderful place to enjoy the summer and relax. The island has a lot to offer for tourists, from hiking and mountain biking to water sports and diving.

During your visit to Bonifacio, you should pay a visit to the house of Napoleon Bonaparte. The house was owned by the Bonaparte family from 1682 until 1923, and you can visit the room where Napoleon was born in 1769. You can also use the multilingual audioguide to learn more about the history of the house.

If you’re planning to go on a vacation in Corsica, you should start by visiting Bonifacio. It is one of the oldest towns in the island and was founded around the year 830. It is located on a limestone peninsula above a natural harbour. It also has a 9th century citadel, making it a perfect place to visit for history buffs. It has a unique blend of medieval town and beach resort.

Valdo-Niello Forest

The Valdo-Niello Forest is an unspoiled environment on the island of Corsica. It is home to many Corsican pine trees, including the iconic Laricio Pine. These trees reach a height of 50 metres and are a good habitat for the Corsican Nuthatch. The forest also has many hiking paths that wind through the trees.

This Corsican forest is also home to Corsica’s highest mountain, the 2,706-meter Monte Cinto, which is even snow-capped in summer. The forest is full of hiking and walking trails that lead you through the forest, with the added benefit of an easy ferry ride to Sardinia, just 20km south of Corsica. Ferries depart from the Port of Bonifacio, and it takes about an hour and a half to reach the island of Santa Teresa.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll love this island. The island has a thousand-kilometer coastline, clear water for snorkeling, and charming port towns and villages. This island is also home to a distinctive culture and unique cuisine. The local cuisine is characterized by chestnut polenta and chestnut biscuits.


Sartène is an island and commune in Corsica. It is known for its beautiful beaches, beautiful forests, and many other attractions. Sartène is also known for its art and culture. It has a vibrant nightlife and offers many activities for tourists.

Sartene is located in the southwest of Corsica. It is said to be the “most Corsican” town in the region. It was established in the 16th century and is now recognized as a City of Art and History. The town is an ideal base to explore Corsica’s history and culture. To get the full experience of Sartene, you should walk through its streets and explore the sights. Some of the best places to see in Sartene include the Eglise Santa-Maria-Assunta, the Palais des Gouverneurs Genois, and the Musee de la Préhistoire. You should also stop at the Place du Maghju, which is a great place to find cool artisan souvenirs.

Sartene is an old town perched on a hillside with views of the countryside. The old town is a historic town that captures the authentic Corsican charm with its cramped streets, granite architecture, and beautiful churches. You can stay in a charming hotel or guesthouse in Sartene’s historic center. The town is located in the Rizzanese Valley and is accessible by car via the T40 road between Ajaccio and Bonifacio. There is a good selection of hotels and restaurants in Sartene.


Porto-Vecchio is an ideal base from which to explore Corsica’s stunning scenery. It is surrounded by mountainous terrain, with craggy mountain tops, soaring parasol pine trees, and small mountain lakes. The town’s narrow streets make it the perfect place for strolling or exploring, while its charming harbour is a charming place to catch a cruise.

Porto-Vecchio is also home to some of the island’s most beautiful beaches. The Rondinara beach is one of the most popular and offers fine sand and translucent, clear water. Its imposing ocre cliffs add to its appeal, making it a popular location for visitors during high season.

Accommodations in Porto-Vecchio include hotels, B&Bs, and villas. The Golden Tulip Porto-Vecchio is a four-star hotel that offers luxurious accommodations near the beach. The hotel has a pool and offers beachfront loungers.

The town is filled with historic architecture. Its old town, built in the 16th century, dates from when the Genoese controlled Corsica. The old town is centred around the Place de la Republique and features the town’s original defences. Throughout the town, you’ll find quaint houses and beautiful views.

St. Florent

Saint-Florent is a charming, traditional town with beautiful architecture. This town’s main attraction is its harbor, which is filled with fishing boats. It is also home to the island’s best wine, which is made in nearby Nebbio.

The town is small, but you can still spend a morning walking around and enjoying the waterfront views. The harbour is picturesque and you can enjoy the cafes that line the Place des Portes. There are also a number of luxury yachts in the marina. The streets are lively and have plenty of places to sit and relax.

The historic center of Saint-Florent includes the Genoise citadel, which was built in the early fifteenth century. It offers spectacular views of the gulf and the city. You can also take a look at the Cathedral of Saint Maria Assunta, which dates back to the Roman era. It features a Romanesque façade and is one of the most important examples of religious architecture on the island.

The town is also known for its beaches, including the beautiful Plage de la Roya. While the beaches of Bastia are beautiful and popular, Saint Florent’s beaches are not as beautiful. However, there are some beautiful, wild beaches that can be enjoyed in the area.


If you’re looking for some adventure in your vacation, Corsica has a wide variety of activities to offer. You can explore the many canyons, including the Zoicu, Verghellu, and Richiusa. You can also take the scenic train, nicknamed Trinichellu by locals, through the stunning landscapes of Corsica. You can catch it from Calvi or Bastia.

Whether you want to see ancient stone structures, or take in the scenery, the town of Calvi is the perfect spot for sightseeing. It’s home to Corsica’s largest prehistoric site, the Granite Menhirs, which were erected over 6000 years ago and were rebuilt during the Bronze Age, some two thousand years later. The menhirs are carved with weaponry and detailed faces, and are believed to be memorials of celebrated individuals. The site is open to the public, and visitors can walk around the site and explore the old monumental enclosures. Afterwards, they can take a tour of the museum that sits adjacent to the site.

Another favorite destination in Corsica is the UNESCO-listed town of Nonza. This small town has been voted France’s most beautiful village. It’s easy to explore on foot, but the best way to enjoy its beautiful views is to reserve a table at the La Sassa restaurant, which overlooks the whole bay of Cap Corse.

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