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Interesting facts about burial practices

When dead becomes a burden.


A memorial to two killed teens whose decomposing bodies were found on July 27, 2012 in a field in east Detroit. Abandoned lots, alleys and neglected parks in Detroit used to be a favorite destination for discarded tires and trash, but they have increasingly become dumping grounds for the dead in a half-empty city.

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City of the Dead

Al-Qarafa, known as the “City of the Dead,” is a four-mile-long cemetery from northern to southern part of Cairo, Egypt’s capital. It is the oldest Muslim cemetary in Egypt – a bustling grid of tombs and mausoleums where people live and work amongst their dead and ancestors. Many residents live here to be near their loved ones, or because they were forced from more crowded areas in Cairo.

Source, credit to Aljazeera-

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Living with the Dead: Manila’s North Cemetery-2011

Documentary trailer about a large community of people living in the North Cemetery in Manila. We’re in the midst of a crowd funding campaign with, to expand this story into a longer documentary.To learn more and support the story’s expansion, please visit before August 1st, 2012. Many thanks! – Jessica Chance

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A Grave Situation

And if you are looking for a Joe Smith, good freaking luck. I don’t see how it could be done. The gravesites are that close to each other.

As for visiting when you do find the gravesite, forgetaboutit. There is no room to sit down and have a conversation with your grandpa. You would be sitting down on Mrs. Martino. I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. Don’t go there on a hot sunny day. There aren’t many trees, if any at all. Remember, space is limited. It’s New York City.

source: Dyingbraincells

cemetery New York

In some parts of Europe, they dig you up after 10 or 20 or 25 years, and somebody else gets your grave. Just too many dead folks, I guess. It always seemed a little odd to me!

Really? Wow. How strange, in a funny sort of way. So, what happens to you then I wonder? How very interesting.

I am not really sure — it’s an interesting question. I always thought it was awful to think about — I can just hear a Mom saying “Come along Henry, they’re digging up grandma ….”

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London Cemeteries

London Cemeteries So Crowded People Encouraged To Share Grave With Stranger

The problem is a very British one. Many other European countries regularly reuse old graves after a couple of decades. Britain does not, as a result of Victorian hygiene obsession, piecemeal regulation and national tradition. For many, an Englishman’s tomb, like his home, is his castle.

That view is also common in the United States, which like Britain tends to regard graves as eternal and not to be disturbed – although the U.S. has a lot more space, so the burial crisis is less acute.

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“In 1765 the local authorities from Paris, France issued a decree banning all burials in city churchyards. They also ordered exhumed the piled-high human remains in the 50-some parish graveyards dotting the capital. Their motivation: public health. Since the Middle Ages, Parisians had laid to rest loved ones in these modest plots, where corpses were stacked and packed one atop another. By the 18th century, the city’s cemeteries were brimming with bodies, and Paris had become an out-and-out ossuary”.
From Paris Notes, Oct 2008.

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