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European Law

According to the European Law pyrolysis is a form of burning as long as the resulting biochar is afterwards burned to ashes. So the only conclusion can be that there is no principle obstacle to start with petpyrolysiums.

Directive 2000/76/EC of the European Parliament

Article 3 Definitions
4. “incineration plant” means any stationary or mobile technical unit and equipment dedicated to the thermal treatment of wastes with or without recovery of the combustion heat generated. This includes the incineration by oxidation of waste as well as other thermal treatment processes such as pyrolysis, gasification or plasma processes in so far as the substances resulting from the treatment are subsequently incinerated.

This definition covers the site and the entire incineration plant including all incineration lines, waste reception, storage, on site pretreatment facilities, waste-fuel and air-supply systems, boiler, facilities for the treatment of exhaust gases, on-site facilities for treatment or storage of residues and waste water, stack, devices and systems for controlling incineration operations, recording and monitoring incineration conditions;

Article 2 Scope
1. This Directive covers incineration and co-incineration plants.
2. The following plants shall however be excluded from the scope of this Directive:
(b) Experimental plants used for research, development and testing in order to improve the incineration process and which treat less than 50 tonnes of waste per year.


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Test Rabbit

Infrared test

Stripped and prepared microwave

A broken microwave oven is the base stripped the useless parts out and closed all the holes in the oven. Made three vents pressure inlet and outlet and the outlet for gases during the pyrolysis phase.


All the newly created spaces filled up with extra insulation.

infrared test

Getting a small animal to preform tests on, isn’t that simple.
The supermarket had a test rabbit nearing his ultimate sell date with 30% deduction.


And the test is underway.
Temperature set to 80 degrees with thermocouple in carcass.
Curious to see how far the evaporation of the water-content has progressed after 24 hours.

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Pet Cremation

Over population and city live combined with abundant fossil fuels give rise to cremation in the western world. Man’s companion the omnipresent cat’s and dog’s have there own crematoriums and if  a better method than cremation in the form of pyrolysis is available pet cremations are in our spotlight. In places where human cremation is heavy regulated, pet-cremation can act as a introduction because it’s a special kind of waste disposal.

But 311 doesn’t tell you what to do with a rotting animal carcass until your normal trash pickup day. So you call Clarke or any one of the numerous other people and services who will pick up your animal. How many animals are we talking about? “About 90 percent of pets die by euthanasia,” says Dr. Amy Kurowski of St. Marks Veterinary Hospital. In her practice, about 95 percent of those are cremated.
In the rest of the country, it may still be common to bury the family pet in the backyard. But there are an estimated 1.7 million pets in New York City, and most apartment dwellers don’t have that option.

The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery  photo by Jared Gruenwald
The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery
photo by Jared Gruenwald
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