Choosing a Commercial Real Estate Agent in Sydney

Hiring the right commercial / industrial real estate agent to represent your interests is a very important step that is often overlooked by many business owners and property owners. You can hop over here to hire a real estate agent in Sydney.

 Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a real estate agent that suits your needs:

(1) Experience area: Is your need specific for a certain type of product, e.g. Maybe some applications such as products, trucks, groceries, or call centers to name a few? Are your needs specific to your market/location? If the answer is yes, you should choose a broker who is an expert in the field that defines your space.

(2) Years of experience: I hope we learn from our mistakes. Commercial/industrial real estate transactions are often multi-million dollar transactions that have a significant impact on your business. This is not a problem for ages, it is an experience based problem.

Let your agent describe some of their more difficult transactions. What makes this business so challenging and what is being done to meet those challenges?

(3) Active Real Estate Licenses: We were amazed at the number of times real estate agents called us with offers to give us an offer and I went to confirm their license and found that it was inactive, suspended, or expired. Be careful who you work with and make sure they have a permit. Each state has its own governing department.

(4) Interview with agents: ask your agent to explain the process from start to finish, from site selection to negotiating rental / purchase terms, getting a job certificate, or monitoring repair work to ascertain a new place. If your agent is unable to explain the process in detail, it is advisable to seek another agent.

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