Classes of Pyro

If you’re looking for something a little unique to send out to your friends and family, why not try pyro? While it is still considered a niche sport, there are a lot of benefits that can be had by learning the basics of pyrotechnic safety. Fireworks are a fantastic way to get people’s attention and really get them fired up. Whether you’re doing a dry run or a real competition, you’ll find that it can be incredibly easy to get your audience or family involved.

Before we get started, let’s go over the basics of pyro. Most people think of cold fireworks when they think of pyrotechnics. While cold fireworks are certainly an option, zero is a class of pyrotechnic that is actually more similar to smokeless candlelight shows than it is to traditional smoke devices. Cold fireworks are still fairly new, only being introduced a few years ago, so perhaps it could have fly under your radar so to speak. The actual definition of pyrotechnic actually encompasses a wide variety of different fireworks, but we will be focusing on just two.

The most popular type of pyro that anyone can purchase, either online or in specialty stores, are mini-fireballs. These are relatively small, high-energy fireballs that look just like ordinary fireballs except with increased kinetic energy. Mini-fireballs travel at a much faster rate than other types of pyrotechnic and that combined with their ability to fly straight up and away can make them extremely difficult to miss. With the right training and the right accessories, these mini-fireballs can be extremely useful as distractions during competitions and other events.

The second most common type of pyro are the afterburner effects. These afterburn effects are much like the glow cones commonly used by race teams. While glow-cores are good because they add an extra light source for your opponents to see after you’ve done some quick walking or jumping, afterburn effects take effect afterburn. These afterburn effects cause a slight amount of damage to all enemy soldiers, vehicles, and enemy targets, and while they don’t last very long, they can be a great way to keep your opponents honest after you’ve taken out their air support.

The last common port type is a flamethrower. Flamethrowers look exactly like firebricks, and they do something unique: they’re made to attract and catch flames. After you press the fire button, a small tube on the front of the flamethrower pops open and lets out a strong stream of hot steam.

A good tactic with a flamethrower is to keep your enemy close, since you can damage him quite easily with your fireballs and flames. When using a Flamethrower on your opponent, you must use your head. If you aim for his legs, you’ll be able to put an end to any long range attacks he might make against you. Keep in mind that pyros don’t do as much damage as you’d think: if you target only one enemy, they’ll still be alive when you kill them. Use your flamethrower at range, and use your other weapons to take out other enemies.

The last major class of pyros is the Gas Mortar. Unlike all other classes, this type of pyro has no special skills or abilities. However, it can deal out incredible amounts of damage in just a short amount of time. This gas meter that your enemies have to use is very effective at damaging enemies, especially when combined with your flamethrower. You’ll notice that the gas meter fills faster than your other meters, so don’t waste it; fill it up!

Overall, the Pyrometer is a good class for anyone looking to build a team. It’s great for air combat and can do well in close combat as well as long range. The Flamethrower is also a great asset with the Pyromancer because you can take out multiple enemies at once with just your flamethrower and the mortar. You can also mix and match your skills with the other Pyro to cause more mass damage; however, the Spy can take out your opponents with his/her spyglass. This class is definitely a must-have for any serious player.

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