Cremation on Cuba

Cremation an option for increasing numbers of Cubans today  10 / 06 / 2007

What before was a sporadic event now is a growing demand in Cuban society, commented Víctor Valdés Morales, director of the Necrology Services of Havana.

According to this official, since last May, Provincial Necrology Services of the city began to offer cremation services. During this period 113 bodies have undergone this process. Valdés Morales explains that this system is a boon to the environment by reducing the number of burials in the 21 cemeteries of the capital that some present problems of availability of niches and crypts.

“Current practice demonstrates that requests in funeral culture are expected to increase. By that time we will have cold storage chambers which we do not have at present and that limits to six the number of services a day,” the official explained.

From tradition to will Although it may seem incredible, a survey done by this paper among inhabitants of the capital revealed that cremation is the preferred option above the old tradition of burial.

The Crematorium was built in the New Guanabacoa Cemetery and was finished in January of 2006. Since then it began setting up the new incinerator, manufactured in Spain with advanced technology. The process was responsibility of technicians and assistants, specialists of the Center of Automation and Engineering of the Ministry of Informatics and Communications and engineers of the Electricity Company of the capital as well as the National Association of Innovators and Rationalization.

Eyder González Caobí, one of the operators of the equipment mentioned initiatives of Cuban technicians preparing an electronic command panel and the design of a tray to deposit the body that allows a better manipulation of bones and speed up the incineration that is calculated to last, approximately, two and a half hours.

Source: By Marianela Martín, Lourdes Pérez, Ariel B. Coya, Juventud Rebelde

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