Effective Control of Fungus Gnats

Fungus gnats as with any other harmful insects can destroy your houseplants. All these very miniature and dark-colored baits are approximately two to five millimeters long and flourish in moist areas. 

The typical life span with this fly is simply one week to ten days. However, females may produce at the most 200 eggs. Maggots devour plant roots along with other pollutants in the compost. These grow fast within a span of 2 to three weeks. 

While fungus gnats don't affect the plant's growth, these can make a lot of annoyance. Thus, it's necessary to find out how to manage your pests. You can check out NemaKnights fungus gnat control or beneficial nematodes via online resources.

fungus gnat control

Here are some tips that can help you restrain or Protect Against gnat infestation:

See to it that the soil purifier is completely dry between watering programs. These insects love humid states therefore avoid smoking. This may help restrain the growth of fungus gnats in ordinary problems. This should be done right after the process of re-potting.

These baits will get it challenging to experience the sand so adults can't get inside the compost and the younger gnats will not break out from the soil. It works with certain plants although maybe not with other people. This method is far more effective for plant ships with submerged drain holes. If the apertures are hollow, the gnats will not be able to go in and out easily.

Try to water plants from the foundation. You can place water on the port or insert a hose into the mulch whilst setting a cap on top of the hose. Pour water and then replace the cap subsequently so that the insects can't move openly while the mulch stays dry.

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