Because pyrolysis is a heat driven process it is very suitable for solar energy.

Around the world is a big zone in which solar radiation during the day is high enough to concentrate on the pyrolysis chamber.
Insolation is the term that’s being used to describe this amount. IN(coming)SOLA(r)(radia)TION

World insolation map source NASA
Nearly all the megacities are between the 45 degrees latitude around the equator. altered illustration

By designing the process-flow so that most of the water content of the body is evaporated in a separate stage before the pyrolysis starts reduces the amount of energy needed in the pyrolysis process and the design of the mirror and supporting structure can reflect that fact.

On top of the earth’s atmosphere the suns radiation is 1366W/m² through scattering in the atmosphere and the curvature of the earth is the amount for every place on earth different. When the sun shines between 45 degrees around the equator 1000W/m² reaches the ground perpendicular to the sun ray’s.

If we need say 500MJ for a complete pyrolysis and we receive 1000w/m² for 8 hours during the day gives 1000(watt) X 3600(sec) X 8(hours) = 28.8MJm² 500MJ/28.8MJ = 17.36 m² mirror surface.

On this map 3KWH/m²  3 X 3,6 MJ = 10.8MJ/m²/day


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