We are looking for dedicated volunteers. We don’t have any money yet to pay you for your valuable work but envision a future where that will be the case.

Jobs and tasks that are awaiting to be done are:

Regional expertise; overcoming cultural and language barriers:
Pyrolysium would like to have team members in all geographical areas of the world; Asia, Australia, the America’s, Africa and Europe. Pyrolysium would thus like to learn about local customs regarding disposal of human remains and the problems that arise in densely populated areas.

What are the national laws regarding death and the disposal of human remains? In order to propose pyrolysis as an alternative for cremation, Pyrolysium needs to know how pyrolysis fits in the existing legal framework or how laws need to be amended to make pyrolysis a legal possibility.

We need to reach out to the population; provide information about the potential of pyrolysis as a safe, clean and environmentally friendly way to dispose of human remains. The looming Corpse Mountain of the nearly 6,5 billion people born in the last 87 years will become a heavy burden in the coming decades as energy for cremation is getting scarce and burial sites have to compete with food production. Pyrolysium is looking for native speakers, fluent in English, to communicate our story to their fellow countrymen locally through any media and on our website.

Pyrolysium needs funds to set up demonstration projects, to continue research, to optimize and find the best (local) solutions and to expand publicity. We also need funds to be able to hire experts in different fields.

If you’d like to assist us to establish pyrolysis as the sustainable, CO2 friendly method for disposal of human remains; an area that will see a spectacular growth in the coming decades, you are kindly invited to send your motivation and CV in English to
Pyrolysium is looking forward to your response!

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