Nitrogen gas for Cryomation

Researching energy requirement of alternative systems, Cryomation is freezing the body with liquid nitrogen till -196 degrees Celsius and fragmenting the corpse to pieces and dry freezing it to remove moisture and bury the remains.

Why Buy an On-site Nitrogen Generating System?
The answer is simple. You can lower your ongoing nitrogen costs by up to 90% depending on the application. There are not too many technologies out there that will achieve those types of cost savings.
The following is a typical range in cost of various types of conventional sources of gas supply in the North American marketplace:

cylinder / nitrogen
$3.00 – $15.00 per M3
liquid dewar / nitrogen
$0.70 – $1.50 per M3
bulk liquid / nitrogen
$0.15 – $0.75 per M3

Depending on nitrogen purity required, geographic location and associated electricity costs, typical operating costs (energy and maintenance) for generating nitrogen on site can be less than $0.02 per M3 based on nitrogen purities of 95 – 97%.

Liquid phase, nitrogen
Liquid density (1.013 bar at boiling point) : 808.607 kg/m3
Latent heat of vaporization (1.013 bar at boiling point) : 198.38 KJ/kg
808 kg X 198 KJ = 159984 KJ = 160 MJ
1Kwh = 3,6 MJ thus 160/3,6 = 44,4 Kwh energy has to been put in condensing and cooling of this cubic meter of nitrogen gas assuming a Kwh price of $0,10 = $4,44 something strange is happening over there!

About Egidius Kuhlmann

Reading about peak-oil, overpopulation, “Terra Preta” and biochar in 2009 and after making batches biochar for soil improvement from garden residue, I thought, why not make biochar from corpses. Deeply worried about the unsustainable path 'we' as humanity have taken, I see a future where fossil fuels are scarce, the western economic growth model in tatters, the global temperature rises due to the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere with an growing population reaching billions more humans than is sustainable? Thinking along those paths, the question “how can we dispose so efficiently and with the least amount of energy of human remains” became the starting point.
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