Places to Go in Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina is the capital of the state and is home to several interesting places. Its State House is an imposing Greek Revival structure set amongst landscaped gardens and monuments. There is also the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden, a large park with botanical gardens and animal enclosures. The Columbia Museum of Art is an important cultural institution with a varied collection of art. You can also see the ornate gardens of Robert Mills House.

Sesquicentennial State Park

Sesquicentennial State Park is a park in Columbia, South Carolina. It is 1,419 acres and offers a variety of recreational activities. The park includes nature trails, campgrounds, Jackson Creek, Sesquicentennial Lake, dog park, and more. The park also has interpretive nature programs and is close to three major interstates.

This park was established in 1937 to celebrate the city’s 150th anniversary and was built with the help of the Civilian Conservation Corps. It is home to a lake and two nature trails, which are ideal for hiking or biking. The park also offers fishing and canoeing.

If you’re traveling to Columbia, South Carolina, consider spending the day exploring Sesquicentennial State Park. Located close to downtown Columbia, this park is full of fun activities for all ages. The park has a six-acre lake, a fishing pier, and 12 miles of hiking trails. For families, there is even a dog park to keep your pet happy. The park is also in close proximity to the town of Columbia, SC, which offers great shopping, dining, and educational experiences.

The park is open daily until sunset and has picnic tables, shelters, restrooms, and walking trails. The park is dog-friendly, and a dog park is available for $25 a year. You must provide proof that your dog is spayed or neutered to access the park.

If you’re traveling with a dog, you’ll need a permit from the park office. Dogs must be on a six-foot leash when outside of the dog park. If you’re traveling with a dog and plan to park there, you can purchase a dog permit for $25 per year, which expires July 1 of the following year. There are also day passes available for $4, which make visiting the park with a pet a very affordable option.

Segra Park

Segra Park, formerly known as Spirit Communications Park, is located in Columbia, South Carolina. It is home to the Columbia Fireflies, a Minor League Baseball team. It opened in 2016 and seats up to 9,077 spectators. Fans can see their team play a game while being seated in the stadium.

If you are looking for an affordable way to see a baseball game, the best seats are behind home plate. The outfield is also a great spot for cheap seats. There are good food and drink vendors around, including pizza and ice cream. You can also enjoy Broadway nights at the park.

Segra Park is the home of Columbia Fireflies, the South Atlantic League affiliate of the New York Mets. The stadium offers a modern family experience and is home to more than 70 games and 300 non-baseball events each year. It is also a hub for the community. The Columbia Fireflies have a strong commitment to their city and its residents.

Segra Park seats nine thousand fans, making it one of the best minor league ballparks in the country. In fact, it was named the 2016 Ballpark of the Year by Ballpark Digest. The park has twelve different types of seating, including a board room for 35 guests, a 400-person club lounge, and a 100-person private balcony. It is also equipped with catering and bars.

Fireflies Holiday Lights is another popular event in the city. The display will last for 42 nights, beginning Nov. 19, and it will include displays around the ballpark. More than one million lights will cover the ballpark, making it an even more attractive place for visitors. The lights are built by a California-based company called Lightasmic, which has built similar displays at other ballparks and zoos around the country.

Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

When visiting Columbia, South Carolina, you may want to take in the Riverbanks Zoo & Garden. This 170-acre zoo and botanical garden is located along the Saluda River. It also extends into the neighboring city of West Columbia.

The zoo is considered one of the city’s top attractions. It has won several awards, including the Southeast Tourism Society’s Travel Attraction of the Year and the Governor’s Cup from the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. It has also been featured in prestigious publications, including Horticulture and National Geographic. In addition, the AZA has recognized the Zoo with the Edward H. Bean Award.

The zoo is open daily. It also includes an aquarium. You can feed the animals and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The zoo is home to over two thousand animals. Visitors can learn about their behavior, and get up close and personal with some of them. Families can also enjoy the garden and explore the many plants.

The zoo has undergone several expansions over the years. Most recently, in June 2016, the zoo opened a new sea lion exhibit. It also renovated its otter and grizzly bear exhibits. These renovations were part of the Destination Riverbanks expansion plan. In June 2016, the zoo also announced its “Bridge to the Wild” plan. This plan aims to extend the zoo into the garden area, adding a new restaurant and adding new species.

The Riverbanks Zoo opened on April 25, 1974. It has over two-thousand animals, including koalas and white rhinos. The zoo also includes a 22,000-square-foot Ecosystem Birdhouse that houses hundreds of birds.

The zoo is open everyday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and its hours may be extended on weekends. The best time to visit is during spring and fall, when the flora and fauna are in their most colorful. The summers can be hot in Columbia, so try to avoid visiting during the afternoon.

The Zoo and Garden offer a great combination of culture and nature. Visitors can view over 2,000 animals at the zoo and garden, and relax with a picnic or stroll through the lush gardens. The Garden is also home to historical interpretive centers and a half-mile nature trail.

Woodrow Wilson’s childhood home

Woodrow Wilson’s childhood home is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This historic home was occupied by the future president from 1871 to 1875. The house is now a museum and is open for visitors to view. It’s a great place to learn about the life of the American politician.

The house was constructed in late 1871 and sold in 1876. It was slated for demolition in 1928, but local activists fought to save the property. In 1933, the house was placed under the American Legion Women’s Auxiliary, which managed the property from 1933 to 1966. The current owners are the Historic Columbia organization.

Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Woodrow Wilson’s childhood home is a must-see for anyone who is interested in the President’s life. The museum features several exhibit galleries and period vignettes. The site is also the only Reconstruction-era presidential site in the state. Visitors can learn about Wilson’s childhood and how he became president.

The Woodrow Wilson Family Home will reopen to the public on February 15 after undergoing eight years of restoration. It is South Carolina’s only presidential site. It is a historic home that was used by Wilson as a teenager during Reconstruction, when the US began to recover from the Civil War.

After graduation, Wilson continued his education at Johns Hopkins University. He was a member of the Jefferson Literary Society and headed the debating club. He also sang in a college glee club and college quartet. Wilson went on to become president of the United States, the first black American President.

After his election as president, Wilson began a campaign to eliminate corruption in government. As a result, he passed laws requiring candidates to submit financial statements, limit campaign expenditures, and outlawed corporate contributions to political campaigns. He also called for a public utility commission to set rates and promoted a workers’ compensation law. He began holding daily press conferences.

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