Places to Go in Davis, California

Located west of Sacramento, California, the city of Davis has many interesting and exciting places to visit. Some of the places to visit in Davis are the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame, the Hattie Weber Museum, and the Design Museum of UC Davis.

University of California, Davis Arboretum

UC Davis Arboretum is a public garden located on the southern portion of the University of California, Davis campus. This scenic natural preserve contains over 22,000 plants and is open to the public 365 days a year.

The Arboretum’s collections represent over 2,500 species and varieties of plants, including California native plants, plants from the Southwest U.S. and Mexico, and plants that are native to other regions. The Arboretum also maintains special collections of plants for research purposes. Moreover, the Arboretum supports the research of UC Davis faculty and students.

The Arboretum also maintains public education programs. These include classes, workshops, family nature programs, and guided tours. The Arboretum website also contains articles on wildlife gardening, and recommendations for the best plants for inland gardens.

The Arboretum has also established demonstration gardens of drought-tolerant flowering shrubs and California native plants. It continues to develop trials of new plant selections.

The Arboretum maintains a database of geographic information system data, linked to plant records. The website contains articles about the best California native plants for inland gardens. It also includes a list of all fifty All-Star plants.

The Arboretum is also home to the Teaching Nursery. The Arboretum staff has been growing plants in the Central Valley for over 70 years. The Arboretum is an important source of horticulture information for the California Central Valley. The Arboretum also maintains extensive taxonomic collections.

The Arboretum is a popular field trip destination for local schools. The Arboretum is also home to large community work days in the fall. The Friends of the Davis Arboretum organize these workdays. In addition, the Arboretum also hosts fundraising plant sales.

The Arboretum is located on 100 acres of land along Putah Creek’s former north channel. The Arboretum is open 365 days a year, and is free to explore.

Davis Farmers Market

Located in Central Park in downtown Davis, the Davis Farmers Market is a popular destination for locals and visitors. The market features local produce, seafood, baked goods, and more.

The market is held every Wednesday and Saturday. The market is open rain or shine. The market offers a variety of vendors, from flowers to seafood, including locally-grown meats.

The Davis Farmers Market is a great place to pick up locally-grown produce, baked goods, and gifts. The market also provides information on local agriculture and nutrition, and how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

The market has been recognized as one of the best in the country. The market was founded by a group of students in 1976. It has been a fixture in the Davis community since then. The market features a permanent shade structure and rows of stalls lined with produce.

The market also offers a SNAP match program that helps shoppers in need of food when they need it the most. The match program benefits shoppers and vendors alike. The program is made possible through funds from the City of Somerville. The market matches shoppers with market tokens which can be used to buy SNAP eligible products.

Aside from the market’s SNAP match program, the Davis Farmers Market has other notable offerings. The market features a permanent shade structure, rows of produce stalls, and a variety of vendors.

The market is a family-friendly event. Children can participate in fun activities, such as pony rides, and there are booths with cuisine from around the world. There is also music playing while shoppers shop.

One of the most unique aspects of the market is its location. The market is located in Central Park, which has a large grass space for seating and outdoor activities.

Davis Transmedia Art Walk

Located in the town of Davis, California, the Davis Transmedia Art Walk is a cutting-edge public art project. Featuring nearly 60 pieces of artwork, this project is the result of several contributors coming together to create something that is both unique and innovative.

Originally launched in January of 2012, this project has expanded to include fifteen galleries and thirty public murals. Visitors can also enjoy a virtual art walk using a free cell phone application that displays information about each piece of art.

Powered by XtremeSignPost, the Davis Transmedia Art Walk incorporates technology into the art that is displayed. Each art piece has an RFID computer chip that allows visitors to learn more about each piece. Using a free cell phone app, visitors can scan the chip and learn about the art work, the artist, and the meaning behind each piece.

The Davis Transmedia Art Walk was founded by John Natsoulas. Several artists approached Natsoulas with ideas for new pieces of art, which led to the creation of this public art project. Today, the collection is one of the largest per square mile of public art in the nation.

The Davis Transmedia Art Walk includes a number of pieces that are lit up for night viewing. This includes a life-size sculpture of a giraffe, an interactive mural, and a piece of classic still life work.

Originally launched in January of 2012, the Davis Transmedia Art Walk has expanded to include fifteen galleries and thirty public art murals. Visitors can also enjoy a free, self-guided art walk. The artwork is located throughout downtown Davis and is scattered throughout the Arboretum.

The Davis Transmedia Art Walk is a great way to enjoy art. It is also a great way to learn about local culture.

SkyDance Skydiving

Located in Yolo County, SkyDance Skydiving offers a wide range of skydiving options. The facility caters to the beginner and the advanced skydiver.

They offer a number of packages, including tandem, accelerated freefall, and military training. The facility also features a 900HP Cessna Grand Caravan and a state of the art learn to skydive program. The All American Boogie, an annual skydiving event, kicks off the season at the Davis Skydiving Center.

Among their more notable accomplishments, SkyDance has developed standard operating procedures and the first skydiving specific parachute center Flight Department Procedure. The company has also marketed its services through direct mail, newspaper advertisements, and cable TV.

They also have a 4,000 foot paved runway, making them the only skydiving facility in the greater Sacramento area to use such an advanced facility. It’s also worth noting that SkyDance Skydiving has a good relationship with the local airport, as well as a solid relationship with the community.

The SkyDance Skydiving site also features a photo gallery. The website features a video hero, which conveys the excitement of free fall. The site also contains a secondary navigation section, which links to specialty sections. It also contains a pricing table that has been staggered to visually represent the various options available. The pricing table includes information on the most basic jumps, as well as the most advanced options, such as the accelerated freefall program.

SkyDance Skydiving also offers a pre-jump training program. The staff explains the significance of a skydiving altimeter, which is used to monitor how high you’re jumping. The company also boasts a number of other notable accomplishments, including its patented freeflying device. It’s also the home of the Guano Freefly Team, a national competition team.

Design Museum of UC Davis

UC Davis Design Museum is a museum devoted to understanding the impact of design on everyday objects. The museum is operated by the Department of Design and is located in the Cruess building. This museum is free to visit and open from 12pm to 4pm Monday through Friday. There are a variety of exhibits on display at the museum.

UC Davis is a public university that offers a wide variety of academic opportunities. The campus is located in Northern California. There are several things to do in Davis, including visiting the Design Museum. The Design Museum features an array of exhibitions on design and popular culture.

The Design Museum is free to visit. The museum also offers a curriculum for college students. The museum also features a variety of traveling exhibits. In addition, it is a member of the Green Museums Accord.

UC Davis is one of the world’s leading public land-grant universities. It has been ranked among the top two “Most Innovative Schools” by U.S. News & World Report. It is also home to a university hospital, which is a nationally ranked 627-bed acute care teaching hospital. In addition to its medical facilities, UC Davis is home to a number of research centers.

The University of California, Davis was founded in 1905 as a farm school for the University of California, Berkeley. Today, the campus has a number of student organizations, including the largest student spirit organization in the nation. The University of California, Davis, offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in the areas of medicine, law, business management, nursing, and many others.

The University of California, Davis is also home to the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame. The hall of fame features a collection of antique bikes and trophies.

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