Places to Go in Griffin, Georgia

Griffin is the county seat of Spalding County and is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. It has a population of 23,478 people. This city offers a variety of things to see and do. Some of the top attractions include the University of Georgia and the historic downtown. You can also enjoy the Doc Holliday Festival and the arts scene.

Historic downtown

The historic downtown of Griffin, Georgia features a collection of interesting buildings and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The historic district is roughly bounded by Central Alley and Sixth Street. Some of the buildings in the district include the Hunt House and Hill-Kurtz House. These buildings are both examples of Exotic Revival style architecture.

The Bailey-Tebault House, which is the Griffin Spalding Historical Society’s headquarters, was originally a Civil War field hospital. The historic society offers guided tours of the historic site. A nearby building is St. George’s Episcopal Church, which was started in 1859 but was delayed several times during the Civil War. The building is now available for private events and is also used by the Griffin Downtown Development Authority.

The textile industry was a prominent part of Griffin’s economy. The first mill in the area, Griffin Manufacturing, opened in 1883. The company grew in size over the next decade. Despite several setbacks, Griffin’s textile industry continued to thrive, surviving tornadoes, race riots, and economic depression. By 1909, the town had seven cotton mills. Four of them were owned by the Boyd-Mangham group, which merged with the Georgia Cotton Mills in 1923. The Boyd-Mangham mills were closed after an embezzlement scandal in the 1920s.

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is one of the largest colleges in the state, with enrollment of more than three hundred thousand students. The enrollment is comprised of full and part-time students from all ethnic backgrounds, and includes undergraduate and graduate students. The university has a low student-faculty ratio of fifteen to one. Additionally, part-time faculty members are less available to students because they don’t spend as much time on campus.

UGA offers more than 140 undergraduate and graduate programs and houses over thirteen libraries across several campuses. These libraries contain more than four million books and maps. In fact, UGA’s library has one of the largest collections of maps in the nation. It is also one of the 126 member institutions of the Association of Research Libraries.

UGA’s public service mission has expanded over the past several decades. Faculty members provide assistance in many fields, from food production to environmental science. They are also involved in international development by helping poor communities develop sustainable agricultural practices. In addition, UGA’s Office of International Public Service and Outreach provides grants for educational, technology, and agriculture programs in other countries. It is also home to the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, which provides distance learning courses, teleconferences, and Web-based learning opportunities.

Doc Holliday Festival

This annual event takes place at Griffin City Park on September 10 and will feature arts and crafts, food and entertainment. The event kicks off with a Little Miss Southern Pageant Competition. The event also includes a BBQ competition and a variety of vendors selling local fare. The festival is free and family-friendly. In addition, you can enjoy live performances by the Aces and Eights theatre group.

Arts scene

The Arts scene in Griffin, Georgia is alive and well. The Griffin Area Arts Alliance (GAAA) fosters artistic expression and encourages community participation by coordinating resources, events, and programs. Members of the association include area performance groups and arts organizations. The GAA is actively involved in all aspects of the fine arts.

Griffin is steeped in history, and has nurtured many trailblazing artists over the years. One of these was Dox Thrash, a Georgia native who left his hometown at the age of fifteen to pursue his studies in the north. After serving his country in World War I, Thrash returned home and devoted himself to fine art. He co-invented the art form of carborundum mezzotint, and was a pioneer in the fine printmaking genre.

Griffin is home to several arts organizations, including the Griffin School for the Arts, Griffin Choral Arts, and the Griffin Spalding Historical Society. There are also several colleges and universities in the area, including the University of Georgia Tech. Griffin Technical College and Southern Crescent Technical College are also located in the area. The Esther Opera House, built in 1908, is a notable example of the area’s early commercial culture.


If you are looking for Cafes in Griffin, Georgia, you’ve come to the right place. Mama’s Place is a local business that maintains local operations in the area. While the owner may have other locations outside of Griffin, he maintains his primary business in Griffin. Chris Carroll owns the Griffin business, and you can contact him to find out more about the restaurant or update your personal data.


Museums in Griffin, Georgia are a great way to learn more about the local history and culture. The Griffin Museum has a wide range of exhibits that include items from the early 1800s, including cotton industry equipment and medical supplies. It also displays the history of the local Boy Scouts. The museum is open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

The History of Griffin Museum is located in the Griffin Art Gallery, which was constructed in 1899. Once a grocery distribution warehouse, the building is now a museum featuring artifacts from the city’s history. It also has a gallery with local artists’ works on display. The Bailey-Tebault House is another historical site to visit. The building was constructed at the beginning of the American Civil War, but was delayed due to the Union blockade of southern states.

The Museum of Aviation is another great place to visit while in Griffin. The museum is located on a former US Air Force base and receives more visitors than any other attraction in Georgia. This museum houses more than 85 aircraft, including WWII bombers and biplanes. You can even get up close to the famous U-2 spy plane and Model T airplane.


When it comes to shopping, Griffin, Georgia has a few places to offer. If you’re looking for high-quality merchandise, the area’s North Griffin Square is a great place to start. The center is located at 1617 North Expressway and features over 44 different stores. There are also several restaurants to choose from.

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