Social Media Management Tools That Will Improve Your Business

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Tools That Will Improve Your Business

Social Media Management can be quite tricky at times, what with all of its complexities. Social Media Management (SMM) is not just about following your leads, but it is also about keeping your followers updated on the status of your website and what is going on within your company as well. So how do you keep your followers informed? Followers will respond by re-tweeting your posts and liking your page, which in turn will get your page seen by more people will read what you have to say. It is that simple, yet complex at the same time. Here are 25 of our favorite social media management tools available today.

Twitter: This is by far one of our favorites for social networks. You can sign up free and start following and friending other people within your industry. There is even a tool within Social Media Manager that allows you to follow specific people and view their updates. If a post you liked receives a lot of attention, you can follow the person to see if they have another post or tweet that you may like. Twitter has the unique ability to provide a post with a backlink from a website, which can help with your SEO, which is also provided by Social Media Managers.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most well known networking websites in the world. It provides you with an in depth look at someone’s professional history, educational background, and other vital information. One of the best features of LinkedIn is that all-in-one search, which is quite powerful. Basically, if you type in a person’s name, their professional background, and location, you can quickly see all information on that person. This makes it easy for you to determine if someone is a good fit for you or not.

Facebook: While, Social Media Managers might suit some situations, Facebook should be left as a social media management tool, not a direct advertising platform. The fact that you can get information out about someone will always be important, but if you are marketing a product or service (and more specifically, products or services offered by your business), it is not a good idea to advertise on Facebook because there is already a large audience. People are not automatically comfortable on Facebook, and if you are selling something on Facebook, it might be better to leave it alone. You will need a paid account with Facebook to be able to use the real time feeds, messages, and ads. If you are looking to promote something as an affiliate marketer, Facebook can be helpful.

Twitter: While we love Twitter because it allows us to communicate with millions of people instantly, there is one downside and that is the fact that there is no way for you to know what is going to happen next. While the ability to “retweet” (use Twitter to post a quick message to another user) or “follow” somebody can keep you informed, these two options do not provide any unique value. The last thing that a business owner needs is to be followed or retweeted the same message multiple times, thinking this is a strategy to build their brand. The best thing that Twitter management tools can offer a business is scheduling.

Twitter: Scheduling Tweets is one of the most powerful features that a good social media management tool should be able to do. If you are tweeting every five minutes, you are losing valuable opportunities for keeping your followers up to date. If you are following somebody’s feed, how are you going to know when they are going to update? The best way to manage your schedule is with a free trial of Mav Social.

Tweetdeck: One of the key features that many of the more popular social media management tools have is the ability to schedule tweets. In most cases, this will only work if you have a Twitter plugin installed. With the latest version of Tweetdeck, users will have the ability to customize who they see as their followers. This will allow them to take a glance at their followers list and quickly decide which ones they want to follow and which ones they do not. It also makes it very easy to ignore people and the accounts they are following.

Sendible: Emailing prospects has never been easier thanks to Sendible. If you are using Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter, you will need to make sure that you have the ability to schedule email messages to be sent from these services. A great social media management tool that will help you schedule your messages and send them in bulk, Sendible can be downloaded free from the internet.

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