Gas depletion

In the Netherlands, one of Europa biggest producers of natural gas, something goes slowly from bad to worse. Gas depletion rocks the soil.

dutch gas
Actual production of natural gas in the Netherlands from 2001 – 2013 and production prognosis for the period 2014 – 2038 source

In a new review of the expected future production a high resolution graph contains a big yellow blob of gas ‘thats probably there’ or even ‘yet to be discovered’.

undiscovered resources

undiscovered accumulations
The summation of the contingent resources (production pending). These resources are not profiled by the operators. Therefore an arbitrary production profile is based on the assumption that this category (contingent resources/development pending) will be brought on stream within 10 years
The summation of the production profiles of the accumulations to be discovered. These profiles are prepared by using a simulation model.

What does that mean for future of cremation.

In the NetherlandsĀ  in 2014 141.000 people died. The expectation is that in 2050 yearly 200.000 people will die. Now roughly 60% of the deceased are cremated, a percentage that can grow till 80%.


With 63 crematoriums in operation in the Netherlands one can expect that there is some spare capacity but not enough capacity to accommodate rapid growth in the next decades. New crematoriums need to be build. But with the dwindling gas-resources it will be become uneconomical to do so. We need to prepare for the future while we still have time to explore alternatives. Pyrolysium is an alternative that can be independent from fossil fuels.


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