Test Rabbit

Infrared test

Stripped and prepared microwave

A broken microwave oven is the base stripped the useless parts out and closed all the holes in the oven. Made three vents pressure inlet and outlet and the outlet for gases during the pyrolysis phase.


All the newly created spaces filled up with extra insulation.

infrared test

Getting a small animal to preform tests on, isn’t that simple.
The supermarket had a test rabbit nearing his ultimate sell date with 30% deduction.


And the test is underway.
Temperature set to 80 degrees with thermocouple in carcass.
Curious to see how far the evaporation of the water-content has progressed after 24 hours.

About Egidius Kuhlmann

Reading about peak-oil, overpopulation, “Terra Preta” and biochar in 2009 and after making batches biochar for soil improvement from garden residue, I thought, why not make biochar from corpses. Deeply worried about the unsustainable path 'we' as humanity have taken, I see a future where fossil fuels are scarce, the western economic growth model in tatters, the global temperature rises due to the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere with an growing population reaching billions more humans than is sustainable? Thinking along those paths, the question “how can we dispose so efficiently and with the least amount of energy of human remains” became the starting point.
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