The Innovations That Have Enormous Benefits for Your Business

Facebook Messenger bots (a.k.a. Facebook chat bots) are basically, simply a piece of automated social networking software that utilizes AI to chat with other individuals. Unlike real humans who cannot handle emotions, chat robots have been around for several years, and now they even exist on websites, in apps, even on social media sites you name it! In fact, the number of chat bot developers is growing rapidly since Facebook purchased chatbot technology from a company called ZL Applications.


You may be asking yourself how such a small piece of software has the potential to create endless opportunities for generating leads, but I will tell you. The main driving force behind chatbot technology is the power of emotion. You see, as humans, we are generally very good at communicating with one another based on very strong emotions. We get emotional when we are sad, happy, or even excited, and we can use this ability to generate endless leads for your business using Facebook chatbot.

When I say limitless leads, I mean that literally. There are many marketers that utilize chatbot technology to drive traffic to their websites. If you take a look at most chattel dashboards, you will see a huge spike in traffic as people add you on their lists. It is like wildfire! This is why many experts have predicted a future where chattel will be THE top source of internet traffic.

One of the biggest advantages of chatbot technology is that it allows marketers to effectively personalize the experience for each of their customers. A few examples include allowing users to choose their name, creating profiles for specific businesses, customizing the appearance of chat windows, and much more. If you can truly create an online experience that closely mirrors your company’s real-life customer service agents, you can greatly increase conversion rates. This is because human beings naturally want to be treated like humans in order to receive the best customer service possible. Chatbot software offers this by providing an authentic representation of your company. In addition, bots allow for easier management of information about your products, services, and website.

One example of a bot specifically used to attract potential leads is Roof AI. This is actually the artificially intelligent chatbot platform created by Facebook to specifically help real estate agents attract customers by providing useful answers to their queries and showing interest in what the customer has to say. As you can imagine, this will dramatically increase the efficiency of your team, which could lead to increased revenues. In fact, the potential leads that you will obtain from this bot are nearly impossible to turn away.

Another exciting chatbot technology coming to market in coming years is dubbed Walla Bot. This bot promises to provide users with useful and relevant information based on user input. In effect, you could basically have an assistant that can make suggestions based on several different criteria, such as location, language, and interest based on your input. In short, this bot could help you generate more business because it will take into consideration everything that you say.

Finally, we come to the last major innovation to be introduced with chatbot technology – the ability to use natural language processing technologies to improve customer service. Simply put, this means that a conversational interface will be provided between your customer and your bot. This is significantly more natural-seeming than other forms of communication available at present, which means that chat Bots will not offend those that they chat with, which will inevitably lead to increased conversions. It also means that chat Bots will be able to understand and respond to customer inquiries or complaints in a manner similar to how a real life agent would.

The final major innovation to chatbot technologies is one that doesn’t really fit under any of the previous categories. Namely, bots now have the ability to read body language and voice inflections to better understand and respond to messages. This makes for an extremely efficient customer service representative, as Bot conversations are always clear and concise, rather than rushing or muddled. As long as you ensure that your chatbot has good grammar and spelling, basic voice inflections, and a general understanding of how people actually talk, then your chatbot should be able to effectively represent you and your brand to potential customers. All that’s left to do then is to enjoy the benefits that having an efficient chattel bot can bring your business.

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